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Landscaping by Guelph Reno.

1. Walkout.

Basement walkout was always wet and muddy.

Addressed by:
  • sloping walkway away from home.
  • adding retaining wall with garden swale.
  • building simple, classic shelter.
2. Taming Side of House.

Side of house was overgrown and wet.

Addressed by:
  • Removing ivy.
  • Adding 4" drainage pipes to take roof runoff to backyard.
  • Slope ground away from home.
  • Add low-maintenance shrubs and wood chips.
3. Flagstone Walkway.

Old concrete walkway broken.

  • Walkway replaced with flagstone.
  • Lion's Head stone border.
  • Rotted handrail replaced.
4. Landscape Yard.

Basement was humid.

Addressed by:
  • Sloping yard away from house. Lumber in In-Progress picture shows desired slope.
  • Curved patio introduced to connect house to backyard.
  • Reused old flagstones for lower area.
  • A year later the new sod doing well.
5. Fence.

Basic good-neighbor fence.

A year later, nice and straight.

6. Raised Garden.

Kidney-shaped raised patio stone garden.

A year later, looking fine.

7. Parging.

Stone foundation getting a face-lift.

  • Presure washed off old paint.
  • Removed loose mortar.
  • Pointed and parged.
8. Column.

Porch needed repairs.
  • Replaced Columns.
  • Replaced floor.
  • Refurbished balusters.
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