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Thinking Kitchens

Kitchen renovations can be small or big, and I've done the whole range.

Smaller jobs included:
  • Tiling backsplash.
  • Installing under-counter lighting.
  • Modifying a cabinet to accomodate a bigger appliance.
  • Installing a microwave range hood.

Larger jobs:
  • Tiling floor.
  • Painting cabinets.
  • Replacing cabinets.
  • Total gut and redesign.

If you are not sure what can be done, what the costs are, how to proceed, just call and we can meet to discuss.

Estimates are free.

1. Small kitchen.
  • Simple kitchen.
  • Good cabinets.
  • Nice doors.
2. Tiny kitchen.

Customer wanted to change a 48" closet into a kitchenette for the home theater room.

Custome searched internet and found a kitchenette he liked...

3. Picture-Perfect.

3D Drawings were prepared.
Customer chose layout and styles

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4. Proposals.
It's time to refresh the kitchen.

Typically I suggest customers schedule a free meeting with Home Depot kitchen designer. But here we are thinking "outside the box"... that is, considering taking down walls to to improve movement and light inside the home.

Hover over to see one of three ideas under consideration.

5. Kitchen Reworked.
Original kitchen had closet, modified for dishwasher. See right of fridge.

The top part of the closet was kept for pantry, but was deep and difficult to use, requiring reaching over the dishwasher.

Similarly, there was a deep cupboard over the staircase bulkhead to basement, left of fridge, which was deep and also hard to use fully.

Hover-over to see in-progress... wall removed, pot lights in.

The idea was to rework the space by removing the built-in closets, getting rid of wasted wall space and deep un-reacheable nooks, and replace them with standard cupboards and counters.

A 3D layout was prepared to help visualize the new space.

Hover-over for before-after plan.

Hover-over here is a before-after view.

The resulting kitchen is both nicer esthetically, and, far more functional.

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