Guelph Reno, kitchen pictures:
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kitchens by Guelph Reno.

1. Small kitchen.
  • Simple kitchen.
  • Good cabinets.
  • Nice doors.
2. Tiny kitchen.

Customer wanted to change a 48" closet into a kitchenette for the home theater room.

Hover over to see rough-in, waiting for cabinets.

3. kitchen under construction.
Simple cabinets, nice tile and nice counter, makes for a very liveable kitchen.

Ready for appliances.

Hover over progress...
4. Proposals.
It's time to refresh the kitchen.

Typically I suggest customers schedule a free meeting with Home Depot kitchen designer. But here we are thinking "outside the box"... that is, considering taking down walls to to improve movement and light inside the home.

Hover over to see one of three ideas.

Hopefully in a couple months I'll post a pic of the final result.
5. Kitchen Mod.
Tweaking the kitchen to get more counter space.

The original kitchen had two built-in deep but hard-to-utilise cupboards.

Removing the build-in closets allowed for more cupboards, more counter and increased the feeling of openness and light.

Other improvements include tiled ceramic floor on diagonal for pizzazz.

Pot lights on dimmer for nice even illumination.

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