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Removable Handrail

Inspector required that a handrail be added. Because of the awkward access to basement, I made the handrail in one piece so that it could be removed so that large furniture could be moved in and out of the basement.


Home Project TV stand, 3/4 size of office desk in size. Oak veneer with solid oak frame for balance between strength and weight.

Closeup shows attention to detail. Center grill hides subwoofer.

Kids checking stand for size.

Ceiling Repair

Drywalled over old ceiling, added crown molding and replaced light, giving a greatly improved room.

Bathroom Refresh

Installed granite counter, tiled back-splash, added crown molding trim, and, another subtle self-portrait.

Rona shower column, large tile, glass doors, crown molding... and my reflection.

Nice Tilework

Large "restaurant" tile wainscotting with one-piece toilet, gives the ensuite a clean look.

Here is the before-after for this project.

Google Pic

A customer said he wanted me to come back and landscape his backyard. I went to Google Earth to capture the basic yard and house dimensions for landscaping planning.

I switched to Street-View, and found that Google had captured my old truck and sign in 2011, the last time I did work for him. On the far right you can just make out the retaining wall stones.

Here is the retaining wall nearly completed.


Steps to fix foundation parging.
  1. Tapped off loose cement.
  2. Used wire brush on grinder to clean surface.
  3. Used hammer drill to chip off defects.
  4. Smoothed worst of problem areas.
  5. Covered with parging cement.

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