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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations often require multiple skills:
  • Demolishion and framing.
  • Plumbing and Electrical.
  • Drywall, carpentry, tiling.
  • Trim and painting.

If you are not sure what can be done, what the costs are, how to proceed, then just call and we can meet to discuss.

Estimates are free.

It is very important to use certified tradesmen to maker sure it's done right.

Here are some under-the-cover pictures of bathrooms under construction.

1. Ensuite Reno.

Wall moved so 2-piece could be upgraded to 3-piece (with shower).

The first step was demolishing the existing bathroom, including removing the walls, celing and floor to bare studs.

The floor had to be raised to allow drainage pipes for the shower.

The walls were opened for drain, vent and water for the vanity and shower, and to pull wire for wall plug, ceiling light and fan..

2. Basement Bathroom.

Basement floor excavated so that drainage could be layed.

Ready for the "rough-in" plumbing inspection.

3. Bathroom Plan.
Here is part of the original drawing showing the proposed bathroom, where the space under the stairs is used for the shower.

Nice use of space.
4. Brathroom Rebuild.
Interesting sloped room over tub.

Maybe some tiles there...

5. Another bathroom in progress.
The customer wants a walk-in shower.

Here the wall is being framed in.

6. Tall Tiles.
Customer liked the tall tiles on the Mirolin Pheonix tub picture.

Found similar tiles at Ceramic Decor .

Ready for Plumber to install fixtures.

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