Guelph Reno, bathroom pictures:
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1. Ensuite Reno.

Wall moved so 2-piece could be upgraded to 3-piece (with shower).

Large tile wainscoting and one-piece toilet make it clean and modern.
2. Basement Bathroom.

3-piece bathroom.

Lots of tile and glass to make a clean and functional bathroom.

The shower is a standard corner shower with glass walls, but the standard walls have been replaced with ceramic tile for a nicer, more durable result.

3. Bathroom Refresh.
Tub tiled.

Removed plastic face on tub and replaced it with tile, and tiled around tub, giving it a nice Roman feel.

Cut opening into closet to provide decorative shelving.
3. Bathroom Refresh, cont'd.
Old shower removed and enlarged.

Used large polished tiles and finished with serious shower column.

Vanity re-topped with granite. Tile motif repeated for back-splash.

4. Bathroom.
Glass shower with subway tile walls.

Vanity with small tile back-splash.

5. Yellow Bathroom.
Nearly finished.

Time for plumber to install faucets.

6. Big Tile with Mosaic Stripe.
Large polished porcelain tile for beautiful basement Jacuzzi.

Elegant stone mosaic details make it shine.

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